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Download now

            This method will first download the file to your local PC and then
            run the video from your PC.  It may take awhile for the file to
            download but the playback will be much smoother than the streaming
            method.  Also, if you choose to play it again it will not have to down-
            loaded a second time if it is already in your browser's cache directory.


            This method will begin playback almost immediately, since it plays the
            file as stored on the Web Page server.  The downside it that the play-
            back is a bit jumpy unless you have a good high speed connection.


Why RealPlayer?

         A more standard way to play videos is .mpg (MPEG), which nearly
         all Windows machines can play, BUT we are not yet at a point
         where it is possible to handle files of this size.  For example, the
         mpeg file size for the Rumble video is 9.5 Meg! as compared to
         the 1.9 Meg size of the RealPlayer format.  It is a bit of a hassle to
         have to install the RealPlayer - but a necessary evil.
         Another negative is the RealPlayer gives up a bit in quality for the
         sake of file size.  The mpeg is a better looking video.  IF anyone
         would like a file in the mpeg format just email me and ask for it.
         NOTE: You should be certain that you can receive emails of this size.


NOTE:  The RealPlayer BASIC is the free one.  Don't click on the
              wrong link when you go the RealPlayer page.




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