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Disclaimer !  I am a songwriter NOT a singer 
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Faintly I See
Lyrics   © Keith Williams
When you color a page in a coloring book you do not get more information - you just get a deeper meaning of the page.  So too with my children: I see (faintly) in a deeper way the price God paid by way of His Son !
Note: This track was played at my daughter's wedding reception and was what we danced to for the Father/Daughter dance.
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My Answer
(Her Eyes Say Yes)
Lyrics   © Keith Williams
  ~ To My Daughter - My Baby - My Best Friend  ~

A song I wrote for my daughter's wedding.  The set up is this: her fiancé came to me and asked for her hand in marriage (wow, that was a moment in time I will never forget).  If Hollywood made a movie of this moment I would have stood up and sang this song by way of answering him.  The answer I gave him is simply this: my daughter has already given the answer - Her eyes say YES - Her happiness says YES -- P.S. I sung this at the reception dinner - just me and my 12 string.  

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Thou Art Worthy
Lyrics   © Keith Williams

All creation bows to thee, and you are a friend to me.

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Sunday Mornings
Lyrics   © Keith Williams
A bit of 'Little House On The Prairie' rendering of family time on Sunday mornings.
  Not yet set to music ! 
Only the strong of stomach should click on this audio link
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Songs Not Yet Recorded
Been singing these for years, just haven't recorded them yet
Burning Son
Lyrics   © Keith Williams

Not yet recorded
Man! I would love for Petra to sing this one.
Wrote this song many, many years ago and then a few years back added a break after the 2nd and 3rd verse.

The Greatest Love Story
Lyrics   © Keith Williams

Not yet recorded
This was basically my first song I ever wrote ~ circa 1970
Its your basic (3 chord: C,F,G) sing around the camp fire tune.

Potter's Clay
Lyrics   © Keith Williams

Not yet recorded
My wife and I were part of a Christian band many years ago and we called ourselves - The Potter's Clay.  
I wrote this song with that in mind
Photo of band - check out the clothes!

My Whole Life's Story
Lyrics   © Keith Williams

Not yet recorded
Very slow tempo - very moody. 
A lot of Cmaj7 with this baby :-)

Crying Happy Tears
© Keith Williams
Not much to say about this.  Just an instrumental I built on over the course of time.  Finally gave it a beginning and end and call it a 'song' !  I've been playing this to myself for many years.  I just now made up a title for it - hope you like it !
 -- Just me and my 12-String --
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Keith Williams

My daughter spend 2 wonderful years playing soccer here.  She was a part of the first year team for this 2-year junior college.  My wife and I didn't miss a single game.  We got to know the girls very well and loved every moment of this experience. 
This poem is my tribute to their journey from a group of high school kids coming together one day and then becoming a TEAM with the passion to win - guided by an incredible COACH
Thanks Kathy)

But With Love
© Keith Williams

High school days
A poem I wrote to Lauree


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All songs with music done on home PC using 
    - MultiTrackStudio recording software
    - Casio CTK-593 for all sounds (except guitar)
    - Yamaha FG-630 12 string  (
My dearest friend for 45 years now)

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