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Oct 2005 -- Thanks
Lee,Mark,Liberty,Ed, & Jeff

fyi - to save a picture to your own hard drive be sure to do so after
clicking on an image and saving from the full size picture.

Note: If you would like me to email the original uncompressed files to you
let me know -- there will not be very much resolution improvement but
it will be a bit better.  Also, some of these pictures have been cropped.
These are not all of the pictures but represent a good sampling of what my
wife took.  Sorry... she mostly took pictures when I was on stage, so that
is why you may not see yourself here.

My music week end experience....    

   check back later

group guitars.jpg (84224 bytes)

Click on pictures for full size...

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img_7096.jpg (99562 bytes) img_7089.jpg (78375 bytes)
img_7059.jpg (40551 bytes) img_7051.jpg (73930 bytes)
img_7036.jpg (84738 bytes) img_7025.jpg (81266 bytes)
img_7035.jpg (69669 bytes) img_7030.jpg (52312 bytes)
jeff.jpg (90884 bytes)
Jeff Carlisi
What can I say...
Thanks for taking care of me 
Thanks for given back...
Thanks for sharing your talents.
ed.jpg (54733 bytes)
Ed King
Can he play guitar... Ahh... YEAH !
mark.jpg (82804 bytes)
Mark Rivera
What CAN'T he do?
liberty.jpg (81872 bytes)
Liberty DeVitto
What he does on drums is not possible - he's cheating somehow !



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