Burning Son

Keith Williams                   v Back

Burning Son, blazing fire.
Melt my heart, change my desires.
No more running. Lord I'm tired.
Mold and make me, New again.

Blinded eyes Lord take away.
Be the Son that starts my new day.
New beginning; Love is winning.
Bringing me back home.

	Lord I'm amazed with the Love you have for me.
	You gently held me in your arms though I pushed you to Calvary.
	Any even in my selfish pride, 
    		when I turned from you to run and hide
	    	to lose myself in the darkest night,
                	     you never once left me.
	Your grace was greater than my sins
    		Your cross has paid for all of them
	    	Your Love turned me towards home again...
                	     Never more to leave.

Burning Son, blazing fire.
These are now my heart's desires:
To always try to glorify you...
And always Love you, faithfully.

	This is the start of a Love I know is real.
	Lord keep my heart in the center of your Will.
	Burning Son, keep me ever pure.
	And may your Will be done
	for now and ever more.



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