Thou Art Worthy

 Keith Williams                   v Back

Thou oh Lord do comfort me
Thou art strength and majesty
All creation bows to thee,
and you are a friend to me.

Giver of perfect gifts
Righteous Lord, Holiness.
The Word of Truth, the Light, the Way.
Thou art worthy to be praised.

    Lamb of God who came to earth
    to give your life to give me birth.
    All my words could never show
    the love that I have now come to know.

Thou oh Lord, do comfort me
in my times of quiet need.
Thou art Love, and Joy, and Peace
Absolute authority.

Break me Lord, and make me new.
'till every part seeks after you.
And all that will not give you praise,
from my heart Lord take away, melt away...

    May I seek only the face
    Of the awesome, mighty, commanding King of Kings.
    Master, Maker, Creator of all things.
    Thou art worthy, thou art worthy, to be praised.

Worthy, worthy, worthy to be praised.



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