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(Her Eyes Say Yes)

This Audio has a lot of tracks added using my Casio - strings, horns, drums, etc., and the Casio auto-chord feature. I don't really play piano but by pressing a single key the Casio can play an accompaniment tune for that chord change.  Yeah! it's 'canned' music but hey, its cheap.  The real trick in this recording was working out the transitions between all of the beat change sections.  The most fun was adding the different string tracks.

I started on this project about 3 or 4 months before the wedding and in earnest about 2 months.  The lyrics and tune took me about 2 months and then recording another 2 to 3 months.  I had never done anything like this.  I bought the MultiTrackStudio software first and then a little later the Casio.  It took me a good bit of time to get to know both of these new items.

The original plan was for me to create this track so I could send it to a friend in Houston who was going to sing it.  That plan fell through and family members said I should sing it ! WHAT!  Any way, that is what happened.  I sang this at the reception dinner and it went awesome.  But I was not comfortable enough to sing using a music track so it was me and my 12 string.  So basically, in one sense, this audio track was NEVER used ! Oh well, it was a great learning experience - because I used this knowledge to produce the music for 'Faintly I See'.  That track was played as is at the reception as the song my daughter and I danced to for the Father/Daughter dance.