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Playing the videos requires RealPlayer
Click on RealPlayer logo below to install on your computer

  Playing video requires Windows Media Player
Note: If your browser plays the video within the browser page, you can detach the
player to allow for manually resizing the video screen.  Look for a small icon to the
bottom right of the media player (after you click the link to start the video).
The tool tip will display - 'Undock Player'

FYI - Download copies the video to your PC and then plays it.  
This is the best way to view.  
If you have a good connection to the Internet then Just Play works fine.

But, Depending on your browser - after you click the Download link, 
thereafter it IS faster to click the Just Play link since the file will already be on your PC.

indicates the video has audio along with the video

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            This lets you quickly go to pages for new items you may not have seen yet

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To download RealPlayer Click On The Picture below.
NOTE: This will bring you to RealPlayer's home page
Be sure to find the correct link for the Free player, i.e., Basic not Plus

Download Windows Media Player


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