Faintly I See

Thank you Lord for my baby boy
he's to me, such a joy.
My life's been turned upside down
with a smile from that handsome clown.

  Each new thing he sees me do
  he also does.
  He's my precious copycat
  A copy of your Love.

Lovely things, I have seen.
Starlit skies, mountains streams.
Sweetest rose, brightest pearls
can't compare with my baby girl.

  Love of live, Love of God
  has been renewed.
  When I hold her in my arms
  I'm holding part of You.

Fall my tears, sing my soul
for such a Love that I now know.
Faintly I see through my boy and girl
the price you paid when you 'so Loved the world'.
You so Loved the world.

copyright (c) 1985

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