Sunday Mornings

Oh well'a Sunday Morning 'fore the sun was shinning
I'd awake to the smell of some bacon fryin'
And the sound of my Momma singing a Gospel Hymn.

And then Ma say to Pa with her usual grin,
"It looks like your boy is sleeping in."
Pa fakes it like he's mad as he heads upstairs.

But then Ma would scold him good 'cause I could hear
her say "men are just boys with a few gray hairs,
and if it weren't for me you'd be sneaking back to bed."

	I loved those Sunday Mornings,
	I loved hearing daddy warn me...
	"Better lookout son 'cause here I come."
	In the bed he'd wrestle with me,
	Made me mad when he'd try to kiss me,
	That's the game we would play having so much fun.

When we got near church my momma turn to me saying,
"Put this nickel in the plate, close your eyes when praying."
"Don't be wrestlin’ after church in your store bought shoes."

And then later on that day after church was through,
My Pa and I would find something fun to do,
But he'd always find a way to say "Son, let me tell ya."

"Remember we want to hear good things of ya,"
"And remember this too your Ma and Pa love ya,"
"But most important, remember God loves you too."

	I loved those Sunday Mornings,
	I loved every time they'd warm me
	"Boy you better remember whose child you are!"
	I remember those Sunday sermons,
	And that feeling deep inside me yearning
	for the kind of Love I saw in my Ma and Pa.

		Why do so many say,
		"I can do it my own way!"
		Instead of seeking the Truth about Jesus Christ-
		He is The Way, The Truth, The Life.
		It's not God's will for us to waste our lives,
		But that all would quickly see The Light.

And that's how it was with me at a very young age
I asked my parents "What must I do to be saved?"
And with joy in their hearts they said, "Just simply believe."

Well I didn't know it then but now I see
That the life my parents lived in front of me
Drew me nearer and nearer to the Lord with every day.

And I own them a debt that I can never repay
Except to raise my children the very same way
So God grant me the Wisdom you gave to my Ma and Pa.

	I love these Sunday Mornings
	But now it's MY boy who hears me warn him,
	"Son, you better look out 'cause here I come."
	In the bed I wrestle with him...
	And I just kiss and kiss and kiss him…
	That's the game that we play - Having so much fun!
	We’re having so much fun