It was an awesome day !!!
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firsthug.jpg (28732 bytes) We were on our way to the fields and saw Kathy driving our way.
We all just waved, and Kathy waved back assuming it was just some kids from school.  Just as she passed she saw it was Lins and Heather (and MW and Papa W).
She stopped the car in the middle of the road and we all had our first hugs !
sechug.jpg (23527 bytes) Coming shortly thereafter - second hugs from:
Kim, Rebecca, RaRa, and Valerie
pile.jpg (21788 bytes) After the VICTORY against Hinds Community College there was the after game pile on !!!
yea.jpg (32863 bytes) Smiles every where...
yhc.jpg (29062 bytes) Support crew was in force during the game
girls6.jpg (30221 bytes) All the girls from the season before...
liz.jpg (22950 bytes)
girls4.jpg (23577 bytes) NOTE:  Kathy got 'Coach of the Year'   AGAIN !!!
yhc99.jpg (29805 bytes) Next stop - Baltimore, MD !


A video of the girls doing a victory here
NOTE:  you will need   to play this video